NetCo Móvil Colombia

NetCo Móvil Colombia: Telefónica Colombia and Tigo have taken a significant step in strengthening their presence in the Colombian market by signing a strategic agreement to share mobile network infrastructure. This collaboration will materialise through the creation of a new joint venture dedicated exclusively to the management of this shared infrastructure.

It is a 50/50 joint venture, where Telefónica Group owns 50% and Tigo owns the remaining 50%. This agreement is based on the vision of both companies to optimise the use of resources and increase operational efficiency in the sector. By integrating their mobile networks, Telefónica and Tigo will seek to maximise coverage and quality of service while at the same time reducing the costs associated with maintaining the expanding infrastructure.

One of the main objectives of this initiative is to pave the way for the adoption of advanced technologies, such as 5G, in Colombia.

By consolidating resources, both companies will be better positioned to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the evolving telecommunications landscape. This strategic agreement will not only benefit Telefónica Tigo, but will also have a positive impact on the market as a whole by promoting fair competition and innovation in the sector. In addition, by sharing infrastructure both companies will contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint associated with the construction and operation of telecommunications networks.

In summary, this alliance between Telefónica and Tigo marks an important milestone in the telecommunications landscape in Colombia, demonstrating the commitment of both companies to operational excellence, technological innovation and sustainable development to serve approximately 35 million mobile users of both companies, improving the quality of mobile services in more than 700 municipalities in the country.

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