The youth, the internet and mobile phones

Several months ago we unveiled in this blog the results of the Global Millennium Survey, which is the most comprehensive portrait of 18 to 30 years old ever commissioned (i.e. 12,000 adult Millennials surveyed in 27 countries). This survey was promoted by The Financial Times and Telefónica in order to know if the members of the Millennial Generation believe that they have good opportunities to innovate and become entrepreneurs, what do these members think about the role that technology has in their lives and what is their social sensitiveness.

Among other findings, the survey disclosed that 79% of Western Europe Millennials - 18 to 30 years old- owned a smartphone whereas 72% owned a laptop, 49% a desktop and 22% a tablet. The research also revealed that they spent an average of 5 hours online every day and that for most of them, the best source for news and entertainment was the internet, including social media.

A few days ago Tuenti, which is a social network with a strong presence in Spain, unveiled the outcomes of a survey on the use and connection habits of the Spanish youth – between 15 and 35 years of age – during 2013. This research not only backs the findings of the Global Millennium Survey but also provides more impressive data since it reveals that 94% of the youth surveyed has a mobile phone and 84% connects to the Internet from their mobile phone.

The Tuenti survey also discloses other interesting data such as:

  • 60% of the users surveyed preferred to upload touched up photos
  • 37% of the youth did not know which is the equivalent to 1GB of data capacity
  • 55% of the youth surveyed affirmed that they use the mobile to flirt, either through the social networks or through short message services
  • 62% used their smartphone more often than their camera to take pictures
  • 40% stated that they use their mobile to study
  • 34% affirmed that they use their mobile to exchange notes with classmates
  • 26% noted that they use their mobile to search information in the net
  • 16% admitted that they have used the mobile to cheat in exams
  • 81% of the youth surveyed affirmed that they know the privacy risks faced when downloading an app in their smartphone
  • 84.8% were concerned on privacy whereas the other 15% are not concerned at all

The outcomes shown by both surveys reveal that almost every young person in Western Europe and Spain owns a mobile, that young people spend a lot of time online and that most of them prefer to connect to the internet from their mobile phone rather than from any other device. 

Do you have a smartphone? How much time do you spend online? And from which device you use to connect to the internet more often? Please let us know!!



Chema Alonso

Chief Data Officer, Telefonica.