More women in leadership positions: our committment with talent


The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)[1] published its annual report "Voluntary targets for women in leadership positions". It contains the voluntary objectives that 36 of the largest European companies have committed to achieve in order to promote the participation of women in leadership positions. For years, Telefónica has been committed to encourage women's talent, leading the company to adhere to this initiative. This restates its firm intent at a European level to cooperate with other companies to reach this objective

Our strategy for diversity and inclusion has led us to appear in prestigious rankings such as Bloomberg's Gender-Equality Index. We are one of the six Spanish entities that appear on this list, and one of the ten worldwide telcom operators.

Currently 23,8% of our executives are women, as well as the 37,7% of the total workforce. Our commitment is to reach the following target: 30% of women will be in leadership roles by 2020, as it has been stated on the ERT report. 

Regarding the overall analysis, the report shows that the percentage of women on leadership roles has increased by more than a 4% not only in Europe, but also worldwide, from 2012 until 2019. In 2012, ERT started to publish statistics and specific objectives about the role played by women in managing corporations, proving the participant companies' commitment with the improvement of women's opportunities in this field. 

The commitment of these companies has allowed for a growing group of women to reach leadership positions. It is proof of our shared vision to keep moving forward towards diversity and gender equality.


In Telefónica, we believe diversity is a source of talent

This belief is contained within the commitment signed by more than 50 leaders of large European companies in November 2018. This engagement with diversity and inclusion looks for promoting six basic principles:

  1. An inclusive culture
  2. Inclusive leadership
  3. Aspiration and goal setting
  4. Clear responsibility
  5. Equal opportunities
  6. Societal engagement and responsibility

[1] The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) is an international forum which brings together 55 leading European corporations from different industrial and technologic backgrounds. The objective of the association is to improve competitivity, growth and employment in Europe through the promotion of European and national policies.