Drivies: a free Telefónica app that can save lives


Telefónica R&D and the Spanish Association for the Study of Spinal Medullary Lesions (AESLEME) presented Driviesthis month, an application that takes advantage of mobile telephone sensors and abilities to analyses driving habits and provide the driver information to improve their driving skills and save money in both fuel and car insurance.

Drivies, which as been developed entirely at Telefónica, with Telefónica R&D’s own technology, is available for free on the majority of recent IOS and Android smartphones. The app detects speeding, mobile phone distractions while driving, and abrupt driving patterns (accelerations and braking). It also informs the user if driving is efficient from a fuel usage perspective.

With Drivies, Telefónica advances its goal of placing technology and innovation within reach of everyone to improve better quality of life and positive societal development.