Conexión Segura surpasses one million active lines and joins Movistar+

  • The free service for Movistar Fusión customers to safely and securely surf the internet filters out more than 250 million threats every year.
  • It can be activated through 1004, the Movistar website, the apps Mi Movistar, Smart WiFi and now it is also integrated in the Smart WiFi Living App on Movistar+.

Madrid, 10th of May 2021. - Conexión Segura, Movistar's free security service for risk-free internet browsing, has surpassed one million active registrations. Available to all Movistar Fusión customers, it requires no software installation, is easy to activate and instantly blocks malware and phishing threats when surfing the internet.

The service, developed by Telefónica Tech, annually filters more than 250 million threats to mobile and land lines associated with the Fusión contract. This means blocking more than 20 million fraud and data theft threats on mobile lines and one million threats on land lines and Wi-Fi-connected household devices every month. It also filters out 45,000 malicious websites monthly, preventing the theft of customer information. In addition, it warns of potentially dangerous websites and reports on risky activity across all lines.

Conexión Segura can be easily activated from 1004, as well as from the apps Mi Movistar and Smart WiFi, the application that also helps manage the connectivity in the home Wi-Fi network. The service is now also integrated into the Movistar+ Smart WiFi Living App .


Smart WiFi Living App: greater security and peace of mind through your TV

The Smart WiFi Living App is available in the Apps section of the Movistar+ home menu for customers connecting through the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi. Among other functions, it allows you to check and manage the access of the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network from the comfort of your own home, as well as optimising the connection and checking the router's password and creating a specific network for guests. It also offers advice on how to optimise the Wi-Fi network and audiovisual content aimed at the appropriate use of technology by children.

Regarding the integration of Conexión Segura, the Living App provides security information such as the number of threats blocked in the last 30 days. On the other hand, if the customer has not activated the service, they can do so easily thanks to a notification that they will receive in the Mi Movistar mobile app.

"Now that the digital home is becoming the centre of entertainment, work, education, sport and all kinds of activities, it is more important than ever that all connected devices are secure," said Antonio Guzmán, Telefónica's Director of Digital Home. "With the Smart WiFi Living App we want our customers to manage security and connectivity in the simplest and most convenient way possible by opening a new window for them to do so through their TV."

As with the other Living Apps, no download or installation is required. It automatically appears in the "Apps" section of Movistar+, joining an extensive catalogue of applications for entertainment, TV-commerce, education, travel, sports, and much more.



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