Digital inclusion

We promote more inclusive connectivity in which we bring digitalisation to all people and boost the social and economic development of the communities in which we are present.

Digital Skills

Addressing existing inequalities by investing in training and education in digital skills as tools for personal development and facilitators of social development, as well as promoting technology among all groups.

Inclusive Digital Access

Guaranteeing that all people have access to our digital services and can use them safely and securely:

  1. Promoting the accessibility of our solutions.
  2. Offering solutions that are affordable for the majority of the population.

Innovation in digital content and services

Promoting new and increasingly innovative solutions, services and content that enable us to connect people’s lives.

Deployment of sustainable infrastructure

Reinforcing and investing in very high-capacity networks while at the same time focusing on the deployment of more efficient and sustainable ones.

Our 2020 data

  • 2nd ICT sector company in digital inclusion (Digital Inclusion Benchmark).
  • + 90% of 4G coverage in the four main countries in which we operate.
  • 135 M passed units: best fibre network in the OECD.
  • + 1,800,000 people with internet access in remote areas (Internet for All).
  • 1st Private TV with accessible content thanks to Movistar + 5S.
€4,626 M investment in R&D&I
€959 M investment in R&D
+500 startups in active portfolios
+25 startups invested in by Telefónica Ventures