ESG indexes where Telefónica is listed

ESG indexes evaluate companies based on their ESG practices, impacting investments, reputation, and sustainability. Telefónica is listed in such indexes, attracting responsible investors and customers. These indexes assess environmental, social, and governance factors, though variables may differ.


Major data providers manage several indexes that monitor the performance of companies adhering to ESG or SRI standards. The ESG indexes are crucial as they evaluate companies based on their ESG practices, which are increasingly becoming a vital part of business operations and strategy.

Telefónica is listed in several ESG indexes. The impact of these indexes is substantial as they influence investment decisions and can affect a company’s reputation and financial performance. Companies listed on these indexes are perceived as responsible and sustainable, which can attract more investors and customers.

Generally, ESG indexes assess a range of factors related to a company’s environmental performance (such as carbon emissions and waste management), social responsibility (such as labour practices and human rights), and governance (such as board diversity and business ethics). However, the exact variables can vary between different indexes.

Which organisations maintain the indexes where Telefónica is listed?

The organisations that have elaborated those indexes have gained a clear reputation in the market and are seen as symbols of excellence and trust due to their rigorous evaluation of companies’ environmental, social, and governance practices. These indexes provide a benchmark for companies striving for sustainable and responsible business practices. These companies offer a transparent and reliable measure of a company’s commitment to ESG principles, thereby instilling confidence in investors, customers, and other stakeholders. Being listed on these indexes is a mark of recognition for a company’s ESG efforts and can enhance its reputation and credibility in the market.

Here we introduce some of the organisations that maintains the indexes:

In summary, Telefónica’s inclusion in various ESG indexes, coupled with its exceptional scores, showcases the company’s resolute dedication to integrating sustainable values into its internal policies and practices. By setting ambitious targets for gender equality, disability inclusion, and environmental sustainability, Telefónica takes a leading position in ESG commitment within the telecommunications sector.

To explore in detail the indexes of each organisation where Telefónica is listed, consult the following link:


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