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Global platforms are becoming bottlenecks of the digital experience, a position that could be strengthened through their access to data and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. These platforms are challenging enforcement of national rules on taxation, security, privacy and consumer protection.


01. Responsible and accountable behavior
Global platforms should take a human-centric and value driven approach by putting people back in control of their data, adopting ethical principles in the implementation of AI and algorithms and assuring fair tax contribution to local communities.

03. Data as a competitive asset
Data is a competitive asset with real value and has an important impact on competitive dynamics and possibility to innovate. Regulators and policy makers should view and treat data accordingly, and not just in privacy terms.


02. Uphold the application of values
and rule of law
Policymakers and regulators should hold platforms accountable and insist on defending the application of existing values, norms and rule of law. They should make sure that companies compete on an equal footing, while fundamental privacy and security rights are preserved.


04. Global services and national jurisdictions
Global business and services need to respect the sovereignty and laws of states, and consider the cultural, historical and socio-economic approaches, traditions and values when offering services. They should always strive to fully comply with local requirements.



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