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The rapid changes brought by digitalisation have left many public policies and legal frameworks increasingly outdated. This challenges people’s rights, consumer protection and fair competition. There is an urgent need of modernisation.


01. Digital bill of rights
A “Digital Bill of Rights” should guarantee a human-centric digitalisation so the rights of people are protected equally online as they do offline.

03. Protect competition and people
Markets and companies need to be able to innovate while authorities should defend established values and be able to intervene quicker and more decisively to protect competition and people, if necessary.

02. A new regulatory paradigm
A new policy and regulatory paradigm is needed, which combines business self-regulation, policy guidance and an improved supervision based on regulating activities rather than entities.



04. Improve global cooperation
Policy makers should strive to find international solutions on global and regional level due to the global nature of the Internet and digital services in order to avoid disruption of cross-border data flows.


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