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Connectivity is the first requirement to enter the digital world. But current technologies and business models are not able to satisfy ubiquitous connectivity nor the growing demand of new services and devices, and even when technologies and services are available many people remain unconnected.


01. Innovative access networks
The private sector has to develop new ways of how to deploy and manage networks in a sustainable manner, using open standards, new technologies and finding new and collaborative business models that take the best from all the players involved.


03. Foster user adoption
Foster adoption by demonstrating the huge advantages digitalisation brings, implementing demand side initiatives such as improving skills of people, promoting local relevant content and enabling an environment for affordable access.

02. Investment on friendly policies
Predictable and flexible regulations on how networks are developed, with spectrum and tax policies tailored to support investment and usage. They also should allow experimenting new business models in 5G and two sided markets.


04. Develop e-government services
Implement an e-Government strategy, digitalising public services provided by administrations: tax collection, general administrative processes for social security, health, property registry, ID & licenses renewal.


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