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Communications of Significant Events (CNMV filings)

Significant Events 2015

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The Company guarantees that the information contained in the Significant Events outlined below corresponds exactly with that submitted to the Spanish Stock Exchange Commission.

2015 February

  • Significant event dated February 19th, 2015

    The Company has executed a syndicated facility agreement in an aggregate amount up to 2,500 million euro.

  • Significant event dated February 16th, 2015

    The Company announces that the 2014 consolidated financial statements will use the exchange rate of the Venezuelan bolivar set at the previously denominated SICAD II, (set at 50 Venezuelan bolivar fuerte per dollar in the last auction), for the purpose of translating the transactions, cash flows and balances related to the investments in Venezuela.

2015 January

  • Significant event dated January 23rd, 2015

    Telefónica and Hutchison Whampoa Group have agreed to enter into exclusive negotiations for the potential acquisition by the latter of Telefónica’s subsidiary in the UK (O2 UK).