We want to be the key players in the new digital universe, filled with opportunities and improvements to people’s day-to-day lives and capabilities, helping furthermore, to create a more sustainable world

Telefónica had identified talent and entrepreneurship as key components of the digital revolution. The accelerator of start-ups, Wayra Open in new window, as well as all the initiatives set in motion under the Think Big Open in new window and Talentum Open in new window programmes, and even the Campus Party Open in new window, have enabled innovation to become the engine of growth and it has also become globalised.

But there is more, Telefónica is also determined to include new companies, investment funds and ways of development in its business, to achieve an innovative and differentiating service. Eleven Paths Open in new window, Amérigo or our offering of a wide range of new digital services are evidence of this.

In order to become a leading Digital Telco, Telefónica has four main focus areas:

  • Product Development & Innovation – the development of proprietary products and services through Telefónica R+D Open in new window and other operations
  • Partnership & Venture Capital – Telefónica is committed to open innovation. Where it cannot build products or services it will partner with, invest in or potentially acquire other companies large or small
  • New Digital Services – bringing to market, directly or through Telefónica operating businesses, new products and services across key segments – M2M Open in new window, eHealth Open in new window, financial services Open in new window, or cloud computing Open in new window.
  • New Business Areas – creating new business opportunities in areas such as the Big Data (Telefónica Dynamic Insights Open in new window) or HTML5 (Open Web Devices)

In addition, without forgetting the end users, Telefónica has brought innovative solutions into the market which enables everyone to enjoy digital life, with the aim of placing technology and connectivity within the reach of everyone. The launch of the Firefox OS Open in new window handsets at competitive prices have meant a strong commitment to breaking with the most established mobile operating systems and fostering open software development as one of the keys in this process of change.