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What differentiates one company from another is the people, our employees, who make things happen

Working for Telefónica

The new environmental realities, plus the transformation process of Telefónica into a Telco Digital, have made us focus on three clearly defined areas in our management of people: to have the best team, the most effective company culture and the simplest organisational structure possible, making us able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. These three people based priorities support the implementation of the strategic transformation programme of Telefónica Be More_.


  • The first challenge is to attract new talent and to develop internal talent, in order to guarantee that the business will have the necessary profile to compete in 5 or 10 years, and excellent leadership is the first element needed. In this sense, we are working on capturing young, talented professionals. We are on course to recruit 14,000 people younger than 30 to new positions by 2016 and, at the same time, we are focusing on the training and development of internal talent to extend their capacity, empowerment and commitment. This, we believe, is the only way to compete in the future.
  • The second working focus is to continue with the development of the new corporate culture, responding to the transformation programme of Telefonica: Be More_ and the 3D’s (Discover, Disrupt and Deliver). We have to accelerate and adapt the programme to create true alignment amongst our 120,000 employees. Another priority regar¬ding Group culture is to provide our managers with the skills they need to lead during change; and we are supporting them in developing adaptability, flexibility, innovation and supporting diversity and developing of new models of remuneration. Finally, we are enhancing the global Corporate Welfare plan (Workplace Wellness), which looks at how to stimulate our employees and improve their environment to actively increase their level of welfare and health. We mean to promote the adoption of new healthy habits into their lives and others close to them through four fundamental axes: nutrition, physical activity, person and health.
  • Together with the right people and corporate culture, we need to have a more simple and efficient organisation that offers us the necessary flexibility to keep competing. The future is yet to be defined, and therefore we need to provide our staff with the flexibility they need to be their best whatever comes.