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At Telefónica everything we do is aimed to offer you real solutions for your business, wherever it may be

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Telefónica Security Engineering

At Telefónica Security Engineering we offer Integrated Security Technology to provide maximum efficiency, whatever your company needs. We are a reputable, responsible and proactive company that guarantees a response at all levels.

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Eleven Paths

ElevenPaths, radical and disruptive innovation in security. Our main objective is the creation of security products that redefine how we deal with current and emerging threats.

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Telefónica Learning Services

Telefónica Learning Services (TLS) is a company within the Telefónica Group that specialises in offering comprehensive online learning solutions for Education and Training. We develop a wide range of eLearning products and services aimed at our customers.

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What do we offer?

On the Spot

Telefónica On The Spot Services is the Grupo Telefónica company specialised in in-store media services, audiovisual services for businesses and implementing and managing DOOH digital advertising networks in 7 countries.

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