Career opportunities

Helping to create new companies, developing sales networks, setting up new businesses, and overseeing the launch of new products and services are just some of the challenges we face day in and day out in all the countries in which we operate. And we need professionals to help us meet these challenges who:

  • have corporate vision; i.e. know how to anticipate change.
  • are results-oriented and prepared to deal with constant challenges.
  • are committed to the organization, as well as their own careers.
  • have initiative, a business mind and firm dedication to customer service.
  • have energy and capacity to work.
  • who can work as part of a team, expressing their concerns and providing solutions.
  • are leaders in their specialist fields and who know how to nurture their staff, encouraging them to take on new responsibilities.
  • are prepared to work anywhere in Spain and abroad.

If you want to know in detail about the countries where Telefónica has a presence, click here.

Current vacancies

Scholarships and hands-on training

We want to know other points of view and other ways of understanding the business. We want young students in our organisation to help round off our view of things.

This is why the various companies in the Telefónica Group have co-operation agreements with Education Centres, Universities and Academic Institutions, which provide access to our Scholarships and Hands-on Training programmes. Those interested please contact the Career Orientation or information centre at your place of study.