A leading company

We can only be among the best in a the most dynamic industry if we have motivated professionals capable of providing solutions and taking risks, and who are team players working in a pleasant and friendly environment where all ideas are evenly balanced.

Since 1 December 1998, Telefónica has been operating in a fully deregulated market, gearing its efforts towards best practices for:

ITS SHAREHOLDERS, relying on motivated professionals capable of meeting head on continuous challenges that lead to new business opportunities and enable the Company to grow internationally, thereby creating shareholder value.

ITS CUSTOMERS, with a business culture that is clearly oriented towards satisfying their needs through offering an integrated service, underpinned by the Total Quality of the service provided.

SOCIETY, based on professional teams with steadfast values, always willing to place technology and their efforts at the service of the underprivileged in their ongoing battle against social inequality through the Fundación Telefónica foundation.

EMPLOYEES, encouraging our staff to continuously improve by acknowledging their contribution, based on the conviction that a company can only grow as much as its employees do.