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Telefónica has implemented a new organizational structure, that was approved on the 26th February 2014 by the Board of Directors, one that is completely focused on clients and incorporates this digital offering as the main focus for commercial policies. The structure gives greater visibility to local operations, bringing them closer to the corporate decision-making centre, simplifying the global structure and strengthening the transverse areas to improve flexibility and agility in decision makings.

Within this framework, Telefónica has created the role of the Chief Commercial Digital Officer, who will be responsible for fostering revenue growth. On the cost side, the Company has strengthened the role of the Chief Global Resources Officer. Both Officers will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), as will the local business CEOs for Spain, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom, in addition to the Hispanic-America Unit (HispAm).

  • Corporate Centre
    Within this organisational structure, Telefónica’s Corporate Centre is responsible for its global and organisational strategies, its corporate policies, management of common activities, and coordinating the activity of business units.
  • Alliances and other shareholdings
    Telefónica operates in China and Italy through shareholdings China Unicom and Telecom Italia.
  • Telefónica OPEN FUTURE_
    The company has launched "Telefónica OPEN FUTURE_", a global and open programme designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors and public and private organisations from all over the world.

    The objective is to direct innovation towards the development of viable projects, using a model that provides visibility to talent and puts it in contact with organisations, investors and companies that are looking for it. this link in a new window